The Compact with Texans describes the Texas Health and Human Services Commission's services, principles, and the process for filing complaints and requesting information. For the purposes of this document, “customers” are defined as: clients, family members, advocates, taxpayers, public officials, service providers, community based organizations, media, other agency representatives, and other interested parties.


We envision a health and human services enterprise that works better and costs less. Toward this goal, we will seek input and build partnerships with local communities, advocacy groups, and the private and not-for-profit sectors to put in place solutions that emphasize program efficacy and personal responsibility. We also envision a highly coordinated Health and Human Services (HHS) system driven by motivated and talented workers focused not only on sound processes and procedure, but also on results.


To provide the leadership and direction and foster the spirit of innovation needed to achieve an efficient and effective health and human services system for Texans.


Originally created in 1991, the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) oversees operations of the entire health and human services system in Texas. HHSC has responsibility for strategic leadership, administrative oversight of Texas HHS programs, and provides direct administration of some programs.

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