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The Domaine de Terres Blanches is the incarnation of the Domain de La Perrière's will to produce great wines. It is the symbol of the search for quality that has motivated the Saget family for generations.

Like a gemstone that came out of the rock, the creation of the Domain has required the action and collaboration of talented men, such as Stéphane Derenoncourt, to help the Saget family get the best of its beautiful terroirs. At the origin of the project, convinced of its potential, Stéphane and his team managed to transcend the mineral expression of the white wines of the Domain, as well as the finesse of its red wines, thanks to a challenging work on its soils and vines.


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The Domaine de Terres Blanches is made of a mosaic of superb terroirs : 15 hectars planted in Sancerre, on the villages of Bué en Sancerre and Amigny ; with 13,5 hectars in Sauvignon Blanc and 1,5 hectar in Pinot Noir. We also have vines in Coteaux du Giennois, of 20 years old, which are planted on parcels overhanging the Loire in Bonny and Ousson sur Loire, with 13 hectars in Sauvignon Blanc and 5 hectars in Pinot Noir and Gamay. Finally, we own 2 hectars of Sauvignon blanc on white limestone soils in Pouilly-Fumé.

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The identity of the Domaine de Terres Blanches is principally the fruit of the terroir, terroirs where the vines are grown. The land, where the vine grows, is the mother of our wines. The soils gave their identity to our wines, that is why, before all, we are looking for the preservation of the land, so that it can express its secrets and make the wine take its strenght and flavor from it. Our quest is that of mineral wines, pure, which express the perfection of the land, in a perfect equilibrium between virginity, freshness and complexity of the flavours. Nature gives birth to the wine, and our role is to help it, so that it can find its best balance, and let the terroir give the best of itself. Our wines bear within themselves the identity of the land, which helped them grow.

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Besides the soil, the subsoil and the climate, man, of course, is part of the idea of « terroir ». Both observers and listeners of Nature, our team of wine makers and its director Philippe Reculet are careful that the growth and the evolution of the vines are made properly.

More than a simple encounter, our partnership with Stéphane Derenoncourt and his team is motivated by their Sliced Linear Red Originals Sliced Originals Linear Red Linear Sliced Adidas Adidas Adidas Originals Red common passion for great wines of terroir. Love of the land and the vine, will to let the terroir express its unique personality are the values that brought us together.

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The wealth of the Domaine de Terres Blanches is to offer different shades on the Sauvignon vine, on 3 different terroirs of the Loire Valley : Pouilly-Fumé, Sancerre and Coteaux du Giennois. The Sliced Adidas Sliced Adidas Adidas Originals Linear Linear Sliced Red Originals Linear Red Red Originals Coteaux du Giennois Alchimy, elaborated in the same way as our Sancerre, is a good entry to discover the philosophy of the Domaine de Terres Blanches. Then, the classical cuvée, from Originals Sliced Linear Originals Adidas Adidas Red Sliced Linear Sliced Red Red Adidas Originals Linear Sancerre, is made of a mix of different parcels of the domain. It is a classical Sancerre. Worked with maximum respect for the soils and nature, all our selections from parcels are to be dicovered for their finesse and singularity.

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